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Why Hire Us?

Call us pragmatic tech guys! We’d rather not talk about a bunch of fluffy, ‘self-inflated’ reasons why you should seriously consider leveraging our capabilities and expertise. Our client-relationships are long-lasting due to open & honest communication, consistent follow-through, and high quality results.
But before we can get there, here are 6 core reasons to have Aloha Managed I.T. become your technology solutions partner:

Military Experience

Instilled in us are specific core values such as ‘Integrity First’, ‘Service Before Self’ and ‘Excellence in All We Do’. We meet deadlines, and work successfully under pressure – which can be vital to your business’ survival. Working on a military base is like maintaining a small city, which gave us the opportunity to work under various conditions, supporting many types of industries to ensure each organization could accomplish their mission.

Scalable & Reliable Support

The strength, effectiveness, and success of your business shouldn't determined by the size of your organization, so we’re able to work with organizations of any size. We support various sized companies, and in different growth stages. This helps to ensure your business keeps moving forward regardless of size or growth factors.

We Get Your Company's Bigger Picture

What most people fail to realize, is that I.T. is much more than simply making sure your computers or servers work. It is also about enabling communication among employees, with vendors, and customers. Once we learn more about your company, your processes and business goals, then the we can successfully facilitate those processes and assist with meeting or exceeding your goals.

We’re Responsive

The Internet doesn’t take any time off, so our Help Desk doesn’t get to take a vacation either. For Managed Service clients, our help desk is ready and available to address issues 24-7. As times change, more organizations operate beyond the standard 9-to-5 business hours. As such we’ve made our team available whenever you feel the need to put in extra hours, or if your office is open during odd-hours.

We’re Local & Love It

After leaving the military our managing partners decided to settle in the Dallas-Fort Worth because we all fell in love with North Texas. The continued growth of the Dallas-Fort Worth economy means expanded opportunities for your business to flourish. Reliable, local technology support while you grow will become even more crucial.

We Speak To You in Plain Ole English

Aloha works to ensure you understand what is being discussed, reviewed and recommended. We see no advantage in speaking in unnecessary tech-lingo just to appear smarter than we actually are!

Got Technology Headaches?

Call Aloha Today!